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Storm -

Storm was a 33 year old New Forest pony from Kent. In 2016 Storm was diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome. This causes hypertrichosis (long curly hair), delayed hair coat shredding and laminitis, which requires constant foot care. 

Storm also had C.O.P.D as a youngster which meant he also had the heaves (horse asthma).  This meant that he sometimes needed an inhaler to help his breathing.

Storm spent the last 14 years at the yard, originally kept as a companion for Ebony when she first came. He was often seen cantering through the fields or rolling in dirt. Although he could be incredibly stubborn ( there was no making him do anything he didn't want to do) he had the biggest heart and would always be so kind and loving to everyone he met.  We all miss him so much but we know he is galloping above us freely.


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